We are group of Fashion Vendors that came up with an idea that Consumers should have a chance to see and purchase items before Retail Stores. We are tired of Big Box Stores and Big Online Retailers telling us our products are not Branded or good enough and dictating their terms to us. We are a group of Non-Branded Professionals and Designers who need an opportunity to be seen.

We hope you appreciate our efforts in breaking this mold of our industry. We want you to wear something no one has. If you are the kind of individual that does not follow trends but make trends, we encourage you to support us with new and up coming brands.

​We will donate 10% of our proceeds to find a solution for the homeless or to your choice of a charitable foundation. Thanks again and don't forget to leave us an email for future events.

Best Regards,
​Team Nectar and Honey

Please follow us and visit often for new featured items.


M-F: 7am-9pm