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Sandal Making Class

Sandal Making Class

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Hello All;

Thank you for everyone who attended our meetup today what a great success, one of the best we ever had. Many thank to Mike from Michael Antonio Footwear Group, for our new home for our Shoe Making School. This will be a Collaboration of new Artisans and Crafters of all kinds.

I am scheduling a Sandal Making class on Aug 26th, 2017 titled “Repurpose Sandal” this will be a hands-on class. This will be the easiest way to understand how to make shoes.

  1. Learn how to make sandal without a last
  2. Proper measurements of your foot
  3. Thong strap or slide
  4. Stitching / Gluing
  5. Time 9am to 5pm
  6. Cost $225 without taking the “Introduction to Shoe Making 101”
  7. Cost $180 with the credit of $45 dollars for taking the “Introduction to Shoe Making 101”.  Previous Students email me or call for your "discount code"

If you have any questions please feel free to call me directly.

Pete Julienne

Cell 818-519-9601



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